Friday, July 2, 2010

Tutu Love!

This was shared with me today by a customer! I wanted to share it with ya'll. It brings tears to my eyes to hear how much you and your babies love tutus!

So, I never ever wanted a little girl! I new baseball and monster trucks and all that boy stuff. Well little did I know that having a daughter would be this amazing. WHO KNEW??? Who knew she could melt my heart the way she does? Who new TUTUS would consume her wardrobe and they would make her giggle uncontrollably and s...queal with pure excitement. Who knew she would ever own anything, pink let alone a TUTU. If you asked me while I was pregnant with her you, would have been told she will wear black, gray, blue, maybe yellow but PLEASE don't buy her anything PINK. I will NOT put her in it! LOL Well did she prove me wrong. Not only is the majority of her wardrobe pink but I own pink things too. UGH this little girl. Who knew she would change me the way she has. Erin on the other had, will still say I have no COLOR in my life. Last night Ella received a package in the mail...... Yes you guessed it another TUTU! Before she opened the package I said with excitement "what do you think it is???????" She was all "it's from the TUTU lady i know it!" (she knew just from the box and label it was from the TUTU lady.) So with excitement she tore into that box. I couldn't help get teary I know I know it's a TUTU, but the excitement on my baby's face was priceless. When she finally got it out the box she said "look Mama it's a TUTU i told you so................Thanks TUTU lady" (Ella's words)! Needless to say it was a great night Ella ran around in her new TUTU and we laughed and played and and jumped and spun and giggled most of the night. So little did I know GIRLS could do this to their Mama, and little did I know TUTUS could do this to little girls. So, if you have a little girl in your life do yourself a favor and buy her a TUTU. It will light up her day and yours too. So i just wanted to share my story with everyone. It's a great story for the start of your long weekend. Hope you enjoy my story and much as I enjoyed my night. Thanks Ella for making Mama's night and Thanks Dallas (TUTU LADY) for always making Ella's day with all her wonderful TUTUS.


Darcy said...

Thanks for always making my Ella's day when she receives a package from you. Your truly are amazing. So glad things are going to well with you with everything.

Jane Finne said...

That is so precious to read, i love making tutus for little girls, i am not trying to advertsie, but just to say i loved reading that post :)

bless Jane