Sunday, August 3, 2008

Celebrity Endorsement

A few of you may already know that the super supportive, Shanna Moakler, has 4 of my tutus for her 2 beautiful girls. Shanna just recently posted, again, about my company on her website. She is so extremely sweet, and has posted about my company about 3 times now. We love Shanna!!
Here's what she posted about Miss Priss Tutus:

I know I sent out a whole bunch of links and for some reason you all lose them so I am posting them all again... and also the people who run these companies are amazing, some of them are single mothers, up and coming artists, home makers and all around great people! so for all you tutu lovers and my GOD there are A LOT of you out there!! MISSPRISSTUTUS.COM

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Little Window Shoppe said...

That's so exciting! I am looking forward to reviewing your site too. I love tutus and yours are simply adorable. :)